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Title Korean Traditional Game - Tuho (투호)
Posted by Hanna (ip:
  • Date 2017-06-29
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Korean traditional game


The sun is all up and everyone just wants to go out and spend time playing outside, enjoying various activities despite of the scorching heat of the sun. Playing games is so much fun to do that you wouldn't want to do it by yourself and would like to share the thrilling fun with friends, such as cycling, kite-flying in Han river, and a lot more. However, Korea and its people  still managed to preserve the basic foundation of their culture, being able to still play traditional games, people of all ages, and generations. Behind today's continuous growth of modernization, Korea's traditions never fade away.

Korea's traditional games originated from folk beliefs. The land has been the center of agriculture since ancient times, and Koreans have believed in gods who protect nature and their lands. Traditional games developed at the time when people performed exorcisms to increase crops and animal well-being , with all the singing and dancing popular activities. Although a lot of folk beliefs have faded away, the games continue to be played.


Either in a modern version or as part of the activities or events during special holidays, a number of traditional Korean games are still well played by Korean people. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, you can really enjoy many of these especially on big holidays such as Chuseok or Lunar New Year in different locations, including museums, folk villages, etc. And one of the popular ones is called Tuho, also called as Pitch-pot.

Tuho is a form of entertainment for aristocrats in royal court yards and noblemen's residences during the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 BCE - 668 CE) and is mentioned in the History of Old Tang (舊唐書) and the Book of Sui (隋書). The game allegedly decreased in popularity when King Yeong orf Goryeo received a tuho set from the Sung emperor in 1116 and did not know how it was played. The games was p

promoted as Confucian during the Joseon Dynasty later on. (According to Rebecca Lucas)

How to play Tuho?

This is probably the game with the easiest rule, as your only aim is to throw a rubber-tipped arrows into a narrow necked wooden jar. The winner is, obviously, the one who can get the most stick in it. Tuho was also a drinking game where every miss required a player to take a drink.


You might think it is easy as it looks like, but it is not, as the stick is quite long and the jar's neck is very small. This games trains your focusing mentality where it need the correct aiming ability.


Have you done this game before? How was it? Share us your comments! :)



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